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                Welcome to Guam drops 671

Our goal is to bring to you the benefits of what shopping online has to offer. We desire to build this site with services that you can access from the comfort of your home.


Our Story

During our pandemic, I felt the     need to provide a website with the services of an online shopping store for the Pacific and Mariana Islands.  Guam Drops 671 was created in response to the lack of shipping options in the Pacific and Mariana Islands limiting online shopping. This site was not created to promote the creators of this site and the people behind it, so I wanted to put Guam Drops 671 front and center and highlight its existence and its intended purpose. Not to get rich, but to help these islands experience and benefit from what online shopping has to offer at inexpensive and affordable prices, especially during these difficult times.Guam Drops 671 is a sole proprietorship founded by person licensed to operate an online eCommerce website.  Guam Drops 671 hopes to become a business and grow in the future, but Guam Drops 671 has others who help make this site possible. Please open your mind to us as it has taken us many years to finally be able to bring together this site and all the services it will provide. Thank you for taking the time to read our entire content. I hope this website is useful to you and meets your daily needs.

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